Pomp and Sustenance                         Sicilian Food       

Twenty-five Centuries                      Recipes from Italy’s

of Sicilian Food.                               Abundant Isle

                                                         (U.S.A.)                                                                                                              (U.K.)

 The story of one of Europe’s oldest yet least known cuisines.


            A book rich in history, understanding, earthy, delectable and annotated recipes, and wonderfully evocative writing.  

                                                – Daily News

            An enchantingly erudite explanation of Sicily’s fraught history … a very natural writer and an indefatigable history busybody with a spectacular eye for revelatory and confirmative quotations…After reading Pomp and Sustenance, if you have not already been to Sicily, you will be ravening to get there, or to get into your own kitchen to make a Sicilian feast for yourself…A wonderful book.                     

                                               -  Leo Lerman in Gourmet

            …an author who writes with grace, wit, and a thorough command of socio-historical context.  Her recipes are woven almost seamlessly into an immensely readable narrative…It’s one hell of a read.

                                                – Cook’s Magazine

            Simeti’s book, with its elegant reproductions of 18th- and 19th-Century engravings, is a model of gastronomic history, a record not only of a cuisine but of a culture.   

                                               – Newsday